Provide maps and timetables to encourage festival visitors to use public transportation

Encourage carpooling by charging for parking and rewarding those who arrive in full cars

Offer a guarded place to park bicycles


Use green energy. Wind energy, solar energy, biogas or whatever works for your event!

Use waterless urinals and toilets to save water

Use auto shut-off taps and reduced water pressure


Re-use your decorations and consider renting them instead of buying

Invite local sponsors and partners to join

Have reusable food service ware. If you have to use disposable ones, make sure they are biodegradable

Put deposits on cups and bottles and refund it when they are returned

Say no to plastic bags – give or sell reusable bags instead

Consider the necessity of printed products


Use your power and be a good example on environmental practices
Raise the awareness of the state of the Baltic Sea
Educate people when you see something being done in an unsustainable way, for example poor recycling or unnecessary use of energy


Think about the way you travel. Could you do it in a more sustainable way?
Choose ecolabelled products whenever it's possible
Use less plastics and water
Recycle! Not only at home but on a tour or on a holiday too
Eat less meat; try having one meatless day in a week for example
Pick a Baltic Sea protection association of your choice and start donating money