All activities of the festival are based on the ecological values. Porispere has a slogan “Kuka siivoo?” (“Who’s cleaning?”) and with that it wants to remind that festival organizers are in charge of the  festival environment.

Porispere promises to leave city park Kirjurinluoto cleaner than it was before the festival.

  • Porispere is committed to use only renewable energy. Festival monitors it’s energy usage and seeks to make it more efficient.
  • Porispere guides festival visitors about travelling to the event by public transportation.
  • Festival requires the use of biodegradable foodware and recycling form partners. There is lot of guidance about keeping the area clean during the festival and they even talk about it on on stage between the artists.
  • Marketing of the festival is done almost entirely without printed products.
  • Porispere uses primarily local or domestic actors as partners and service providers.
  • Decorations and goods are recycled, not bought as new. They will also be reused.
  • Porispere promises to update it’s environmental plan and publish it also in English to share the good practices with other festivals. Porispere encourages other festival organizers to do the same.

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The Fishbait Rock Festival have been very engaged in the Baltic Sea issue from the beginning and a vision for us has been to be able to donate our revenues to the Baltic Sea Foundation.

At the festival we do our best to make good choices from an environmental point of view. To show you some examples we take pride in serving locally produces food and beer at the festival and our crew works in ecologically produced T-shirts.

Joining the Rock the Baltic Sea campaign is a natural choice for us and we hope that we through this can help spread the word so that more people engage themselves to saving the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Sea Rocks! Water Rocks!

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Fishbait Rock Festival Fishbait Rock Festival, Åland Islands


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